Reflecting the diversity of our worldwide workforce, Trebuchet current offers services in the following areas. (Each area is broken out in detail in the main menu.)

  • Content Services - Experts in various disciplines research, critique, edit, abstract, index, translate and create original content. We have covered diverse areas, including finance, law, medicine, the sciences and product databases using teams in Israel and India
  • Publishing Services - Craftsmen familiar with both traditional and electronic publishing techniques typeset, compose, tag and apply XML metadata. Projects include sophisticated technical publishing, semantic tagging, XML-first publishing, eBook creation and document management
  • Legal Services - Attorneys, many with higher degrees, and in a wide range of specialty areas, research, draft, provide expert advice and in general perform all attorney functions that are not client or court-facing. Legal services are provided to law firms and corporate legal departments only. Our Israel-based legal teams are bar-admitted US attorneys. Our India teams, who perform LPO services such as document review and discovery, are experienced Indian attorneys who work under the supervision of our US attorney staff.
  • Call Center Services - Currently offered out of our Israel facility only, and staffed by trained, college-educated mother-tongue English speakers, our call center provides both inbound and outbound services, including technical support, charitable solicitation and telemarketing.
  • Transcription Services - It takes approximately 75% less time to read a transcript than to listen to or watch the original event. Moreover a transcript is easier to search and reference than audio or video. But a wealth of content originates in those forms, which is why transcription services have become so important. Not all transcription is created equal. Transcription is a manual process and the quality of the labor force has a significant impact on the quality of the result.