Our management team trailblazed and perfected the concept of multi-shore outsourcing - cooperative teams in different parts of the world with complimentary skills, a methodology for parsing projects into work-units that can be optimally assigned to the appropriate teams, and a failsafe technique for inter-team communication. Done right, multi-shore outsourcing yields results that are indistinguishable from a US produced product at costs competitive with typical far-eastern outsourcing rates.

Trebuchet teams currently function in the USA, Israel and India. Our Israel-based teams are highly credentialed US born and  trained professionals who have chosen to make their homes in Israel, where labor rates are much lower than in the US. Our India teams are best of breed university graduates who have practiced extensively in their respective fields.

All projects are assigned a US PM who oversees every aspect of the project, from workflow design to pilot, to ramp-up, and through the project life-cycle. Many clients interact with the PM as their sole point of contact, whether with respect to technical, production, financial or scheduling aspects of a project. Other clients prefer interaction with individual team leads as well. We are happy to accomodate our clients' varied workstyles and preferences.