Trebuchet Legal Services


Discard your pre-conceived notions about LPO. Our concept is different: Experienced attorneys, educated in top US law schools available to your law firm on a short or long term basis. Unlike the “help” you get from temp agencies, our attorneys are top-notch, “battle proven” and committed to our firm and our clients as a career, not as a fill-in job. And since these attorneys are US expatriates living offshore their compensation is at an offshore, not a US level.

Our roster of attorneys includes experts in virtually every specialty and admitted to bars in almost every jurisdiction. What can they do? Anything any attorney in your firm can do that doesn’t require physical presence. That includes drafting and reviewing documents, research, providing expert advice, providing strategic advice – the same work you’re now doing yourself, or using associates for, but at far lower cost.

Why pay more if you can get the same or better quality for considerably less? Why spend your valuable time on hands-on work when a Trebuchet attorney can handle it as capably, freeing you for client or court-facing work – or business development? Work with Trebuchet and increase your profits or pass part of your cost savings on to your clients. Either way is a win for your firm.

And oh, yes – we also do traditional LPO work (document review, discovery and the like) using very qualified Indian legal experts, under the supervision of our US attorney staff.