Trebuchet Publishing Services


Content is king but if it isn't properly prepared and "packaged" it won't be accessible or useful. We define "publishing" as the art of grooming content so that it has the maximum impact on the maximum number of people.

That objective must be kept in mind as the individual processes that comprise "publishing" are brought to bear on your content. That focus makes the difference between an acceptable product and a work of art. That devotion separates the publishing artist from the mere publishing craftsman.

Not long ago the end result of the publishing process was a static printed item. Today it may be that, or an ebook, a website, a blog, tweet, RSS feed or SMS; the content may be the written word alone or it may include audio-visual elements; it may be static or it may be organic; the product of one author or many contributors. These factors and their permutations make the mechanics of publishing far more complex than they once were, and experience and expertise in varied delivery platforms and their associated technologies is a prequisite to producing multiple final products, each of which can be termed "art".

In a nutshell, producing art is the Trebuchet credo. And our deep experience in publishing enables us to save you money without compromising on our credo.