Trebuchet Transcription Services

A good transcriber requires four things: A natural talent for converting the spoken word to the written word, training in the technology and techniques of the transcription craft, mother tongue familiarity with the language spoken and professional familiarity with the domain under discussion.

The first two prerequisites can be obtained all over the world. The latter two, it was thought, could only be obtained in the USA, home of mother-tongue English speakers - a country where literacy in almost every domain can be found.

At Trebuchet, we've proven that presumption false. Our offshore transcription facility is staffed by US born and educated mother tongue English speakers - with expertise on a level equivalent to that available in the USA.

A financial transcription of a quarterly conference call, done by a non-mother-tongue English speaker with little US cultural affinity and less knowledge of the industry area, often produces comical results. But the humor fades fast if it's your call being covered. And the ramifications in the legal or medical transcription realms are even more serious.

Why risk the embarrasement and financial exposure of a second-rate transcription? Avoid the problem entirely with Trebuchet's staff of US born and educated experts!